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Youth Outreach

Youth United Through Health Education
Yuthe, established in 1997, is a community-based, peer-led STD prevention program to increase STD screening among African-American young people aged 12-22 residing in the Bayview Hunters-Point neighborhood (a community with high STD incidence). Peer educators receive 60 hours of standardized training, and ongoing weekly booster training with their mentor.

Peer educators walk the streets and stop into the local hang-outs in their neighborhood, talking to other youth about STDs and distributing condoms and lube. They also regularly facilitate STD prevention workshops and theatre presentations (by request) as well as conduct urine screening at established youth service agencies.

Since 2001, the YUTHE team has made contact with over 18,000 youth in the target population, and has distributed over 25,000 condoms and lubricants.

For more information about YUTHE, call (415) 355-2011.

Last modified on Friday, October 01, 2010.
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