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I have been bleeding from my anus for more than a few days, what could this be?

Hemorrhoids—or swollen veins inside the lower rectum—are a common reason for anal bleeding, but the only way to know the cause for sure is to see a doctor who can make a diagnosis. Other causes of anal or rectal bleeding include infections like herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia or trauma and small tears in the anus or rectum. Anal bleeding should not be ignored. Anal bleeding can be the result of anal sex, in particular in someone who is having anal sex for the first time or when that person is drunk or high. It is important to use plenty of lube when having anal sex and to go slow. It can take a bit of time for the anus to stretch and be ready for sex. Be honest with a sexual partner, telling them if it hurts and if anal sex is painful, stop, use more lube and go slowly.

It sounds like its time for a checkup. For more information on getting tested, visit the City Clinic or call the CDC National Hotline for places near you: 1-800-CDC-INFO.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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