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I had sex with a woman using a condom and a lot of lube. After we finished and I removed the condom, I found there was quite a lot of lube on my cock, despite the condom. What's my risk level for HIV? I have no idea if she was positive or not, but based on what she told me about her sexual history it's a possibility I can't ignore.

It's possible that you were using a lubricated condom (some are lubricated on the inside) and it's also possible that what you were noticing was cum or pre-cum.

It's hard to say what your risk is -- usually your genitalia would have to have had contact with either her vaginal fluids or blood. If you didn't notice any rectal bleeding on her part and you used a condom from beginning to end, your risk is probably quick low. However, if you are concerned, it would be prudent to get an HIV test three months after the sexual experience just to be sure.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Tuesday, June 03, 2008.
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