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I can't stay hard! Every time I have been with another boy, I haven't been able to keep an erection. I'm no ho' -- I'm currently dating this wonderful guy and I don't want to take it beneath the clothing because of my embarrassment! I generally will get hard during foreplay, well almost hard, but then quickly the little guy goes away. I saw a doctor and he was somewhat unkind, especially when I told him I was gay. He said that since when I masturbate, things are generally golden, this is all in my head. But that doesn't help. I'm 21; I should be a natural for Viagra, right?

Many men have trouble getting erections at some points in their lives. Some men always have trouble in the beginning of new relationships, when they are first starting to get sexual. It's best for you to see a sex therapist or counselor about this, rather than a medical doctor. It's unlikely there is something physiological wrong since you can get hard on your own. Viagra is for men with physiological problems getting erections. In the meantime, try focusing on your boyfriend's pleasure and taking the pressure off yourself while you're working this out.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Tuesday, June 03, 2008.
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