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What are the risks of wearing a cock ring while having sex? How long should one be worn at any given time? Are there any long term adverse effects? I have reached a point where my orgasm is not as intense or pleasurable without wearing one, but I worry about what damage I may be doing. Thanks.

Overall there are not great risks in wearing or having sex with a cock ring on—as long as you remove it after sex. But you can do damage to your penis if it is too tight and stays on too long. A too tight cock ring will produce numbness, discoloration, prolonged swelling and finally severe pain. When you purchase your cock rings, make sure that there is some kind of fastener which can be loosened or opened completely if need be (Velcro, elastic, snaps, etc.). Extended wearing of cock rings may also pose some problems on the body's natural stretch and control in that area.

If you only wear them for sex (versus sleeping and socializing) then you might want to not tighten them as tight and alternate times when you use one and when you don't.

Combining drugs such as Viagra or crystal meth with an unremovable cock ring may send you to the emergency room as the blood in your penis could get restricted, sent back into the body, and then trapped in the penis. Using crystal meth is a dangerous risk anyway, and it can increase your risk of getting an STD or HIV anywhere from 3-5 times.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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