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During penile-vaginal intercourse using a condom, does the male have to hold the condom in place over the penis during thrusting or is it the case that once the condom is on, the male is free to use his hands elsewhere or do other things until right before the male loses his erection and withdraws?

Generally speaking, if the condom is placed on the penis, and inserted into the vagina, it will stay in place as long as he is erect, leaving his hands free to move on to other things. On some occasion if air was not removed before putting on the condom or the condom was not rolled down the entire length of the penis, it could roll and slip off. Another situation where it might come off is with too much lubricant being used or after ejaculation when he is losing his erection.

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Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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