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Ask Dr. K

I'm mostly a top but like to bottom occasionally. Is it possible for the rectum to take a very large penis -- one that is 10 or 12 inches long? This just seems a bit extreme to me.

Yes itís possible. Given time, lots of lube, and desire, your anus and the rectum (part of your large intestine) can accommodate a larger than average sized penis.

Since you don't bottom often, you might want to consider squatting or sitting on your partner the first few times. This technique will often make entry easier and give you more control if it starts to hurt. And remember to use lots of lube inside your self and on your partner's penis (or dildos if you're using them) and go SLOW!

Keep in mind that when you have your routine STD tests you will want to tell your provider that you both bottom and top. This way they will have accurate information about which tests to perform. Predominant tops often forget that when they see a medical provider. There are different tests for finding gonorrhea or chlamydia in the anus, so if you don't mention that you've been a bottom, infection in this location could go unnoticed. In San Francisco, if you're a sexually active man, we recommend STD checkups every three months.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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