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I read that using someone's cum as lube is risky. I was jerking off with another guy and he came on my groin and cock when I was about to cum. I could feel his cum on my hands as I was wanking myself and cumming. It was all too fast and in the heat of the moment I didnít wipe his cum off before cumming myself. What is the risk of me getting HIV, assuming he is positive?

Coming in contact with someone elseís semen isnít going to put you at risk for HIV unless you have open sores. Even then, the data are sparse. The HIV virus is very fragile, lives a very short time outside the body and needs a direct portal into your body in order to infect you. As for other STDs, some can be transmitted this way, so regular checkups for herpes, syphilis and warts would be a good idea. Learn which STDs can be transmitted via various sexual activities by taking a look at our STD risks chart.

It is always best to know the HIV and STD status of your partners. This will help you gauge the risks you take and help you decide how often you need to get screened for STDs, including HIV.

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Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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