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I had anal sex for the first time about a month ago. My partner did not use enough lube or enter slowly enough and I experienced a sharp pain. I have not had bloody stools, but have been experiencing a general soreness in the anal area. Should I go see a proctologist? I have insurance, but itís under my parent's name and would like to avoid billing them for an anal checkup at all costs. Please help.

It is not uncommon to experience discomfort after anal sex, particularly for your first time and when inadequate lubrication is used. If the symptoms persist > 7-10 days or if you start bleeding, then a check up may be in order to rule out an anal tear or fissure. If there is not persistent trauma discomfort will wane with time. Comfortable anal sex can be assured with lots of lube, lubricated condoms and careful entry. Donít be shy to ask your partners to go slowly if you need to. If the anal partner is on top or sits down on the penis of his or her partner, he or she can better control entry and prevent pain.

At City Clinic, you can get a check-up for as little as $10, and you will not be denied care if you cannot pay this fee. Your personal information stays confidential and an identification number will be used to find you in the waiting room when it is your turn to be seen. To find out more about privacy and confidentiality at City Clinic see

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Dr. K

Last modified on Tuesday, December 14, 2010.
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