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After a long session of playing with dildos and using cock rings I cum and all seems normal. When I urinate though, I get very dark red blood in my urine. When I stop urinating, I still have the urge to pee and out comes something I'll describe as a blood clot, then I am able to finish urinating but still very bloody. This will continue several times until I'm back to normal. What do you think?

What you describe could be a sign of a few things, but no one could diagnose for sure over the Internet. See a medical provider as soon as you can and explain what's happening. It will be helpful to be as honest as you can about what activities you were engaged in prior to seeing the blood so that they can accurately work with you to determine the problem. Until then, you may want to experiment playing more gently with your toys or abstaining until there's diagnosis.

Using cock rings and dildos are safe activities in general. Just make sure that the cock ring you select has a fastener so that you can easily loosen it, or remove it when you are finished playing. If your cock ring is too tight or on for too long, it can cause numbness, discoloration broken blood vessels, and/or swelling.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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