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I've recently got into sounds and find them amazingly stimulating during sex or masturbation. I understand the dangers of introducing a UTI, but are there other concerns I should be aware of? Other than damaging tissues from being too aggressive, are there further risks I should consider?

The most common issue with sounds -- metal rods that are used to expand narrow spaces in the body -- is urethral trauma. Trauma may include tears, deep cuts or lacerations from over ambitious play.

Doctors routinely introduce rubber tubes into the urethra when they catheterize a bladder in the hospital. When those catheters are put into place, great care is made to do it under sterile conditions -- the urethra and head of the penis is swabbed with iodine and sterile gloves and sterile catheters are used.

The long term impact of the medically placed catheters is minimal. Some people have catheters in place for days and months. In terms of sounds though, which are not sterilized, you risk a urinary tract and/or bladder infection, which if untreated, can be serious, progressing to permanent kidney damage and sepsis (bacterial blood poisoning). Using clean sounds and being careful not to introduce infection will reduce your risk.

The risks you know will help you make informed choices. Thanks for asking your question. Play safe.

To your health,
Dr. K

Last modified on Thursday, November 19, 2009.
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