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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)


What is pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?
PrEP is a new HIV prevention method that involves HIV negative people taking anti-HIV medications daily to help prevent HIV infection. Several studies have shown that PrEP can reduce the risk of becoming HIV-infected when taken daily as part of a package of prevention services. The only drug that is currently approved for use as PrEP by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Truvada, a medication commonly used to treat HIV positive individuals.

Is PrEP being offered at San Francisco City Clinic?
We encourage patients with health insurance to talk to their primary care providers about PrEP. For those who do not have health insurance or who are having trouble getting Truvada through their insurance, City Clinic may be able to assist in accessing it through our PrEP Navigation Services.

Drop-in hours for PrEP initiation and follow-up
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00-3:00
Tuesday: 1:00-5:00

PrEP for Trans
By appointment: Thursday: 8:00-11:00
Drop-in during hours listed above.

Please call (415) 487-5537 for more information.

City Clinic also offers post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

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Resources for Patients


Is PrEP for you?
Talk to your healthcare provider about whether Truvada may be right for you. More resources on talking to your provider here:

Where can I get PrEP?

  • For a list of Bay Area PrEP Providers, click here:
  • Truvada for PrEP is covered by many private insurance plans and by Medical. California residents who do not have private insurance should contact Covered California for information on signing up for insurance or Medical. See the Covered California website for more info: or call (800) 300-1506.
  • If you are currently uninsured or have a high copay for Truvada, you may be eligible to get Truvada for PrEP through a patient assistance program. More information is available at:
  • For San Francisco residents who want to sign up for insurance (either MediCal or a Covered California plan), visit 1440 Harrison Street, San Francisco, MTWThF 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or call (855) 355-5757.
  • Undocumented and living in San Francisco? Visit or call (415) 615-4555.

More information and helpful resources

Info pages:
PrEP 101 - CDC
PrEP Facts - San Francisco Department of Public Health
Project Inform - Website includes videos of individuals discussing their reasons for choosing to take PrEP.
PrEP Facts - San Francisco AIDS Foundation
PrEP Watch
Positively Aware
National Minority AIDS Council - Website includes videos of individuals discussing their experiences accessing PrEP and a training manual for community based organizations working on PrEP implementation.
Safer Conception for HIV- Females with HIV+ Males
Safer Conception for HIV+ Males with HIV- Females
Is PrEP Right for Me?: A primer for women considering options to prevent HIV
¿Es la PrEP para mí?
New results from a European PrEP study

Beta Blog - articles on prevention
My PrEP Experience

Adherence tools:
Smart phone Apps: free apps that help you keep track of your meds and give daily reminders
     Medisafe: for iPhone or for Android
     Dosecast: for iPhone or for Android
Or sign up for free email/text message alerts:

Resources for Providers


Web resources:
- PrEP - CDC
- FDA PrEP Fact Sheet
- Gilead Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy
- PrEP for heterosexual couples and safer conception

- New York/New Jersey AIDS Education & Training Center three-part webinar series on PrEP
- PrEP: From Efficacy to Implementation, SFGH Ward 86 Grand Rounds
- PrEP: A case by case approach by Robert Grant*
- Testing the clinical waters for PrEP by Kenneth Mayer and panel*

*Requires Medscape login; sign up for a free account here.

Last modified on Tuesday, June 06, 2017.
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