September 2021 Editorial; Don’t Think, Know: Free STI Lab-Based Home Testing Program

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September 2021 Monthly Report

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September 2021 Editorial

To increase low-barrier access to chlamydia and gonorrhea screening in young women of color, SFDPH has launched the Don't Think, Know FREE home testing program. Free, home-based STI testing is a potentially game-changing approach for expanding access to sexual health services. This is especially critical given the significant impact COVID-19 has had on our health care delivery system, as evidenced by steep declines in STI screening in the past 1.5 years.

Don't Think, Know is the second home STI testing program launched by SFDPH in 2021, and follows the successful roll-out of the TakeMeHome program.

Tests offered via Don't Think, Know include vaginal chlamydia and gonorrhea. The program is currently available to young women, girls, transmen, and any person with a vagina between the ages of 12-30 in San Francisco County who is sexually active or has had sex in the past. Pregnant people and people experiencing symptoms of a possible STI should see a health care provider.

Participants have the option of ordering the STI kit directly online via their mobile device. Youth who are currently experiencing homelessness or do not feel comfortable receiving the test kit at their home have the option of shipping the kit to one of our partnering agencies. The test kit is sent to the participant’s address of choice in a plain white envelope. The vaginal sample is self-collected and mailed back in the pre-paid envelope. Confidential results are available online or by phone one week after shipping the sample. Positive results require an in-person clinic visit to receive treatment.

To learn more, please visit Don't Think, Know at:

For more information on sexual health and to learn more about SFDPH’s clinic-based sexual health services, visit SF City Clinic.