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It’s possible to have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and to feel fine—that’s because STIs do not always cause symptoms. Because of this, it’s important to get tested for STIs if you’re sexually active, even if you are feeling OK. However, not everyone needs testing. STI testing recommendations depend on your gender, age, and the gender of your sex partners.

Select from the drop-down options to learn about what STI tests are recommended for you and how often you should get tested. You can also find helpful sexual health resources just for you.

You should always see a healthcare provider if you have symptoms of, or were exposed to, an STI or HIV.

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What Our Patients Say...

I just wanted to say thank you guys for all that you do and the way that you do it :) It means a lot that you all provide a legit friendly, supportive, reliable, non-judgmental environment for us to be able to get the treatment that we need. The fact that we are able to get the standard of medical care that normal people receive means the world to me. Everyone else have no clue most what it’s like to dread going to the doc because of the way that you will be treated or fear of deliberate malpractice and/or incomplete care because of prejudice. So thank you for being awesome and extremely valuable and irreplaceable. In short, you guys are THE SHIT! =) ❤ Pardon my French. With complete gratitude & admiration, you guys R the best, thank you with much luv! ❤

~ Cristine

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