Below you will find a wealth of information to guide you in making decisions about your sexual health. Use the STI Risk Chart to find out what your chances are of getting an STI based on the type of sex you are having. Videos are a great way to see examples of the many topics we cover at City Clinic. You can even get a virtual clinic tour! The materials and handouts section contains a variety of health education information including STI fact sheets, PrEP information, U=U basics, patient instructions for self-collected specimens, directions for patient-delivered partner therapy, FC2 condom how to, and more. The Local Resources section will help you find services and support that may be helpful, depending on your need.

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If you recently tested positive for HIV or syphilis and have questions, or need help finding HIV care, please contact LINCS. Call 628-217-6608 and leave a confidential message so we can help you get medication and answer any questions.