What are my chances of getting an STI?

Know risks of what you can get if your partner is Infected.
Performing Oral Sex - on a Vulva or front hole
Receiving Oral Sex - Person with a Penis
Receiving Oral Sex - Person with a Vagina or front hole
Oral-Anal Sex
Following safe sex activities and practices listed below may also protect you from getting a STI
  • Kissing, mutual masturbation, and frottage or dry humping are considered safer sex activities, with little to no risk of STI transmission.
  • Oral sex is considered low risk in terms of getting HIV. There is no risk of getting HIV from receiving oral sex (that is, having your penis in someone else’s mouth). There is very little risk of getting HIV from giving oral sex, but having cuts or sores in your mouth, gum disease, having an STI in your throat, or recent dental work increases your risk.
  • Condom use reduces transmission risk even further. Using latex condoms significantly reduces the risk of contracting STIs during anal, vaginal and oral sex.
  • Washing hands and the genital area thoroughly before and after oral-anal sex reduces the risk of transmission of most of the listed STIs and conditions.

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