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Finding a healthcare provider whom you can talk to about your sexuality and sex practices is important because open discussion will help your provider best support you.

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About the Cohort 2022

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) in collaboration with BAVC Media and the California Film Institute (CFI) convened a cohort of young San Franciscans, ages 15-19, tasked with crafting personal short films on a sexual health topic of their choosing. The youth cohort members participated in workshops that explored holistic sexual health themes including, identity and health, STIs/STDs, and sexual health stigma. The youth took what was learned in these workshops to pick a film topic that was meaningful to them. Utilizing curriculum from CFI, the youth learned the basics in film making and storytelling. Thanks to our partners over at BAVC Media, the youth also got the opportunity to learn from professionals on how to shoot and edit footage into a cohesive narrative that reflected their personal experiences and overall visions.

The Tale of Two Cities

Written and directed by: Jermaine Judkins, Emani Perkins, Tyson Webb

The Tale of Two Cities Written and directed by: Jermaine Judkins, Emani Perkins, Tyson Webb Link to Video Our group film is called “The Tale of Two Cities” by Jermaine, Tyson & Eman’i. This film was dedicated to give awareness on Black people's sexual and physical health & to top it off their financial instability and our perspectives as black people in this community. While participating in this youth workshop cohort on sexual health, I learned it's always good to make sure you get checkups at the doctors or any nearby clinic because it's always better to be safe than sorry and not all infections are detectable. Many infections come with different side effects & not all can be cured, some can only just be prevented from getting worse. The part of the workshop that stood out most was the topic on identity and how people of color unfortunately face more obstacles than others. This inspired us to make our film on the unique set of challenges that we must face on a day-to-day basis. By showing this film we hope to inspire people of all ages but especially youth to be mindful of your community and your health. In the future we hope to see people in our community progressing towards being healthy, safe and given equal opportunities.


Written and directed by: Silmona Amanuel

My film, “Sensuality”, explores the ideas of being sensual and self-care. While participating in a youth workshop cohort on sexual health, I learned about the circles of human sexuality. Because sensuality was spoken in one of the circles, I was inspired to make my film on it. My film shows videos of yoga, incense, candles, and hearts as symbols of different aspects of self-love, self- care and ways to engage with your senses. With this video I hope to inspire others to be more aware of sensuality and how it’s a part of our everyday life. In the future, I hope for others to be more sensual and open minded.

Fitting In

Written and directed by: Muhammad Shaik

My film, Fitting In, explores ideas of Religious Beliefs and Sexual Health. While participating in a youth workshop cohort on sexual health, I learned about health and how identity affects relationships, boundaries. This inspired me to explore the ways my religion views sexuality and how I feel about it. My film shows my personal experience, my religious beliefs, and how San Francisco has expanded my thinking. By showing videos of me praying, I am symbolizing my daily religious practices and my connection to God. I hope in the future, we all share equal values of respect even if we have different religious beliefs.


Written and directed by: Myra Wong

My film, consent explores the idea of consent in our everyday lives. While participating in a youth workshop cohort on sexual health, I learned about the importance of communication, and why it is essential towards healthy relationships. This has inspired me to grow and set my own personal boundaries and consent into my friendships, and within my family. My film shows scenery and symbolism to its viewers on consent, communication, and mental health. For example, the shadows have shown representations of interactions between individuals and the positive results of consent. Nature and flowers represent the beauty of self- love and self-care. By showing these important values, I hope to uphold its significance in our lives. I had a wonderful experience learning about film making, especially for a topic rarely discussed in our world. In the future, I hope to work harder to uphold topics I am passionate about.

I look Fine, Just, Fine.

Written and directed by: Lisa Lam, Sophia Liu and Sandy Liu

In the bustling city of San Francisco, Suibian takes a walk in her thoughts on body image in Asian and American media. Some of the imagery which we stored, the Asian skincare represents the pressure we face constantly around changing, healthy standards. While participating in a youth workshop cohort, our conversations around personal identity and physical body image inspired us to share our experience. In our film, Suibian shares her feelings and reflection on her personal body image.

Phenomenal Women

Written and directed by: Za’Ryiah Barker

My film Phenomenal Women explores the idea of the over sexualization of women which was inspired by the poem Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou. While participating in this youth workshop cohort on sexual health, I learned about Stigma which really inspired me to create a film on the idea of over sexualization of women. This film shows how society treats women and affects the views on women and their place in the world. By showing this film I hope to change the way society sees women and instead of bringing them down uplifting them. In the future I’m going to continue to protest the system and fight for gender equality in our society.

YUTHE + BAVC Media Cohort Behind-The-Scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes peak at how the student films came together with this intimate collection of footage which highlights more of the sexual health workshops the students took part in and offers a glimpse into the film making process.

Youth United Through Health Education

Youth United Through Health Education (YUTHE) is a peer education, sexual health program that was developed to help reduce the high rates of STIs among youth and young adults living in the southeast areas of San Francisco, by increasing the utilization of STI preventive services (increased STI screening) through peer street and venue-based outreach.

Young adults 18 – 24 years of age are recruited from the SF community, and receive training, coaching, and mentoring for two years to prepare them to compete for a Health Worker - City position and/or pursue higher education. Peer educators receive a higher than minimum wage salary for 20 hours/week, including full health, dental and other essential benefits.

YUTHE staff conduct sexual health prevention group workshops at community-agencies and schools; provide weekly street and venue-based outreach in neighborhoods that are disproportionately impacted by sexual health disparities; and represent the SF Dept. of Public Health at community-based events by tabling and engaging with community members through interactive games and distributing STI/HIV prevention materials, including condoms/lubricants and information and referrals. 

For more information about YUTHE Program, contact or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @SFYUTHE

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Partner Agencies Workshop Services

The San Francisco Department of Public Health, Sexual Health Services provides online or in person educational workshops for staff and or community members by request.

Workshops Our Program Offers:

 Human sexual anatomy
 Alternative lifestyles
 Family planning – Birth control
 Sexually Transmitted Infections STI/HIV
 Syphilis 101 Train-the-Trainer

If your program would like to request a workshop, please email us at and one of our educators will reply within three business days.

SFYUTHE Collaborating Partners

The Sistas Leadership for African American Youth is a sexual health program that was established to address disproportionately high STI rates amongst Black / African American young women in San Francisco.

With participation from Youth United Through Health Education (YUTHE), SLAY Coordinators, and the inventiveness and insight of a strong and energetic group of young women, SLAY reflects the culturally relevant diversity and collaboration needed to address this complex issue.

For more information about SLAY, contact

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