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The San Francisco Monthly STI Report ( for November is now available for viewing here.  

On July 22nd the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Treatment Guidelines, 2021. These updated guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of STIs. Provider resources include a downloadable wall chart and pocket guide.  A new mobile app is coming soon

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The 2021 STI Clinical Update webinar was hosted jointly by San Francisco City Clinic (SFDPH) and the California Prevention Training Center on November 4th, 2021. For those who were not able to attend or want to review the talks, you can find the slides and a link to the live recording (3.5 hours total) on the SF City Clinic website:
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Have you visited the San Francisco City Clinic website recently?

You will find a plethora of resources for both patients and providers. Direct patients to the website for information about our services, STI basics fact sheets, and text reminder feature - a free tool  to receive an SMS reminder when it’s time to get tested or take medication. Providers can find updated screening and treatment guidelines, handouts for patients, and helpful materials to guide your practice like our congenital syphilis toolkit. The SF City Clinic website also features a new provider blog section with helpful monthly posts to inform your practice.

Save the date for the annual San Francisco STI Update on November 4th, 2021!

This web-based, half-day morning event will include presentations from STI experts in San Francisco and cover topics such as STI epidemiology, addressing rising syphilis rates, and highlights from the new 2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines. Learn from the experts as our clinician panel addresses challenging cases on the fly. Lookout for more details and registration information coming soon. While all providers and program staff are welcome to register, we will be focusing on San Francisco based data and recommendations.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health continues to see concerning rises in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This half-day, virtual event will provide important updates in the field of sexual health to help providers strengthen the delivery of STI prevention and care. Hear from local experts on STI epidemiology in San Francisco, important recommendations to prevent congenital syphilis, updates from the 2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines, and a lively case panel

On Tuesday, September 21st, 2021,  the Annual HIV/STI update was presented  to the San Francisco Health Commission.