STI Clinical Update webinar slides and recording now on SF City Clinic website

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October 2022The San Francisco Monthly STI Report ( for October is now available for viewing here or click on the image.

STI Clinical Update webinar slides and recording now on SF City Clinic website

The 2021 STI Clinical Update webinar was hosted jointly by San Francisco City Clinic (SFDPH) and the California Prevention Training Center on November 4th, 2021. While traditionally held in person, this year’s event was offered virtually for the first time.

The morning started off with SF STD Controller and City Clinic Medical Director, Stephanie Cohen, MD, highlighting important HIV and STI trends over the past year. She emphasized the impact of COVID-19 on HIV and STI screening, prevention and epidemiology and got us all thinking about innovations and opportunities in HIV and STI prevention. Next, Kelly Johnson, MD presented an in-depth, yet succinct, introduction to syphilis that generated many audience questions. Ina Park, MD then brought us up to speed on the updated CDC STI Treatment Guidelines released in July 2021. During this case-based talk, Dr. Park emphasized changes in the management of trichomoniasis and Mycoplasma genitalium, as well as reviewing updates to the five P’s of taking a sexual history, STI screening recommendations, and expedited partner therapy. The day’s session was concluded with a lively case panel moderated by Oliver Bacon, MD. The panel members discussed their approach to several challenging cases, including: proctitis, ocular syphilis, PrEP, and interpreting syphilis serologies.

For those who were not able to attend or want to review the talks, you can find the slides and a link to the live recording (3.5 hours total) on the SF City Clinic website: /providers/updates-alerts.

For the full monthly report this editorial appeared in, please visit Department of Public Health - Research, Health Assessments & Data ( webpage and scroll down to San Francisco Monthly STI Reports.