Testing and treating sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

San Francisco City Clinic offers low-cost STI testing, diagnosis and treatment on a walk-in basis. You are welcome to receive these services, whether or not you have health insurance.

San Francisco Department of Public Health would like to provide you with some new updates about free home STI testing platforms.

These platforms allow users to order STI testing kits and have them ship to their house where they can do the test in privacy. After completing the STI test, you will be asked to send sample back thought the mail using the supplied mailer and wait for the results thought the platform.  All STI test kits are based off eligibility and privacy is secured.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each STI Home Testing platform.

Take Me Home

Offering FREE HIV/STI, PrEP panel & Hepatitis C test Kits based on eligibility

Don’t Think Know

Offering FREE home test kit for vaginal chlamydia and gonorrhea infections (If eligible)

** All kits we be delivered in discreet packing, you can order the test and it can be delivered anywhere USPS delivers.

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Have Good Sex

Offering FREE HIV/STI & Hepatitis C Test kits  (If eligible) and an online resource for gay, bisexual men of color.

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In addition to clinical exams and evaluation by our experienced staff, we offer:

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If you recently tested positive for HIV or syphilis and have questions, or need help finding HIV care, please contact LINCS. Call 628-217-6608 and leave a confidential message so we can help you get medication and answer any questions.