ELLA (Ulipristal) Factsheet

  • ella requires a prescription. (Other kinds of emergency contraceptive pills are available without a prescription.)
  • You can visit one of the following clinics for a prescription, or they may have ella in stock to pick up:
  • You can also buy ella online. Order now
  • If you already have a prescription written for ella, the following pharmacies should have the medication in stock:
Pharmacy NameAddressPhone Number
Daniel's Pharmacy;943 Geneva Ave.415-584-2210
Safeway-Webster1335 Webster St. 415-921-5502
Target-Masonic & Geary2675 Geary St.415-796-5280
Walgreens-16th St. & Mission1979 Mission St.415-558-8749
Walgreens-23rd St. & Mission2690 Mission St415-285-1576
Walgreens-24th St. & Potrero1189 Potrero Ave415-647-1397
Walgreens-30th St & Mission3398 Mission St.415-824-6886
Walgreens-Castro 498 Castro St.415-861-3136
Walgreens-Cesar Chavez3400 Cesar Chavez415-285-0802
Walgreens-Evans St3801 3rd St.415-285-8773
Walgreens-San Bruno2494 San Bruno Ave.415-468-4274
Walgreens-Van Ness1496 Market St.415-626-9972
Walgreens-Williams5300 3rd St.415-671-0841
ZSFG Pharmacy1001 Potrero Ave.415-206-8107
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