Our clinic staff may offer you a pelvic exam to address certain symptoms you may be experiencing, like changes in your discharge, bleeding outside of your period, or pain during sex.

A pelvic exam is a check-up of the vulva, vagina, and cervix (opening of the uterus, inside the vagina). During the exam, we may put a metal or plastic speculum inside your vagina to get a better look at any symptoms you may be having.

A Pap smear may also be done during a pelvic exam.

Pelvic Exam & Pap Smear Facts Sheet
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  • You will undress from the waist down, and lie down on the exam table.
  • The clinician will place a speculum in your vagina - you may feel pressure during this part but it shouldn’t hurt.
  • The clinician may need to move the speculum around a little bit to get a good view of your cervix.
  • Using a small brush, the clinician will gently obtain a sample of cells from the cervix. You may get a tiny cramp or pinch during this part.  
  • Your sample will be put in a container and sent to the lab for processing.
  • You may get a tiny bit of vaginal bleeding afterwards, which should stop on its own.  
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